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Build Capacity


Agribusiness Systems International (ASI) designs and implements technical assistance projects on behalf of international donors and private foundations worldwide to increase agricultural productivity and enhance the overall competitiveness of agribusiness value chains. These projects take a holistic and often long-term view of development issues in a given context.

Using a market-driven, comprehensive approach to identifying constraints along value chains, ASI designs activities that empower value chain actors to efficiently and profitably identify and respond to market opportunities. ASI’s projects draw from a wide range of local and international experts with the technical skills and country-specific knowledge necessary to implement appropriate and sustainable interventions.

Farmer Training

ASI promotes sustainable agricultural practices that help farmers and agribusinesses generate profits by improving production and value-added processing techniques, diversifying crops and improving marketing capabilities. We also assist farmers in organizing themselves as shareholders in commercial business operations of sufficient scale to access more competitively priced inputs, research, telecommunications, finance, transportation and other services so that they may compete successfully with larger, more capital-intensive producers. These shareholder-owned businesses provide an efficient vehicle for not only transferring technical and business knowledge but also eliminating policy constraints, promoting gender equity, protecting the environment and addressing other community needs. ASI also help smallholders add value to their crops through improved processing and packaging technologies, through arbitrage or through more focused marketing campaigns.



  • Farming as a Business
  • Farmer Field Schools
Strengthening Value Chain Linkages and Support Services

ASI’s value chain development activities increase incomes quickly and sustainably by improving the productivity and competitiveness of industries and ensuring that firms of all sizes benefit from participation. ASI intervenes at all levels of a value chain to promote access to critical technical, financial and business services, including market information and linkages, training, and technology. At the firm level, ASI improves producers’ capacity to participate in and benefit from new markets and enables them to gain access to better inputs and technology. At the market level, ASI exploits opportunities and alleviates constraints along competitive value chains by supporting suppliers of business services. ASI has increased agricultural productivity and trade around the world through our demand-driven, participatory and systematic approaches to project design and implementation focused on strengthening value chains through horizontal, vertical and clustered linkages; developing mutually beneficial relationships between buyers and suppliers; and promoting more efficient business practices that lead to higher profits for all stakeholders.


  • Value Chain Approach 
Fostering Sustainable Change

ASI is fundamentally committed to designing projects that build on local knowledge to identify, mobilize and develop the skills and resources of individuals and agribusinesses to achieve and maintain sustainable development results.  ASI works with local experts, beneficiaries and industry stakeholders to form their own strategic plans, and train them to effectively assess the costs and benefits of different economic opportunities. We target this capacity-building approach at individual farmers, farmer associations, commercial agribusinesses and other key stakeholders - any entity with which we form a relationship. This facilitates linkages between key private sector actors – producers, input suppliers, financial service providers, transporters and business development service providers - that can continue to operate efficiently and profitably long after ASI’s involvement.


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