Facilitating change


Facilitate Change


Agribusiness Systems International (ASI) is an innovative provider of customized trainings and workshops to the agribusiness community in both the private and public sector. As economies grow and local businesses expand their trade to regional and global markets, individualized¬†and ad hoc training and strategies often are needed to ensure that businesses and the development community succeeds. From promoting the value chain approach to donors and implementers to training commercial agribusinesses on exporting details, ASI develops the skills required to transform knowledge into action to foster lasting growth and competitiveness in the agribusiness sector.     


Value Chain Approach: Knowledge Dissemination and Application of Best Practices

Building on the foundation laid by our parent organization, ACDI/VOCA, ASI conducts training workshops in the value chain approach and its applications for a range of donors and practitioners. The training teaches participants to be able to discuss key concepts, tools and guidelines for value chain development, including strategies for addressing bottlenecks, promoting private sector ownership of the competitiveness process, and catalyzing improved performance. As a result, participants are able to use the value chain approach as a tool to increase industry competitiveness, economic growth and poverty reduction by understanding global market trends and the conditions under which micro- and small enterprises can contribute to and benefit from the increased competitiveness that globalization brings.


Training workshops cover the following major topics:

  • analyzing the structure and dynamics of value chains
  • developing strategies to overcome constraints and increase value chain competitiveness
  • catalyzing private sector stakeholders to collaborate for improved industry performance


The training includes examples of how the value chain framework can be integrated into program design. It uses case studies to guide participants through the process of industry selection, value chain analysis, identification of potential interventions, development of a competitiveness strategy and drafting of an implementation plan. It prepares them to lead a value chain analysis team, develop through a participatory process a strategy for competitiveness, and facilitate a stakeholder workshop to articulate an action plan.


ASI Cairo Training Center

ASI has developed a reputation as a leading provider of progressive, practice-based training solutions for commercial agribusinesses seeking to upgrade their capacity to compete regionally and globally. Leveraging the knowledge base and practical experience of our technical experts, ASI designs and delivers competency-based training programs on a variety of topics affecting the agribusiness community. ASI assesses the training needs of our clients and designs appropriate training curricula to develop the skills our clients need to apply what they learn.


To serve our clients in Egypt, ASI recently opened a modern training facility in its Cairo office. Through the training center, ASI offers a menu of courses geared towards agribusinesses that are currently exporting their products or are exploring the possibility of doing so. The tiered course structure includes basic, advanced and specialized courses that are designed to enhance the ability of agribusinesses to identify export markets, develop intelligent export business plans and understand the requirements of getting their products on the retail shelf.


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