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Our Services


ASI offers proven services that facilitate socially responsible business solutions and commercial success. We leverage our on-the-ground knowledge and strong networks to create shared value and promote inclusive market development. We establish proof of concept for innovative approaches in agriculture and pave the way for their scale up. ASI designs and tests new ways of working in agricultural development to unleash the economic potential of market systems while also confronting poverty, inequality, and malnutrition.


Forge Partnerships for Inclusive Growth

We serve as matchmaker, linking market players to catalyze inclusive growth. Through our networks and years of experience, we assemble an array of public and private actors to find holistic, sustainable solutions that expand local and global markets. We facilitate relationships that lead to efficient supply chains and informed business decisions. Our approach recognizes that bridging the divide between stakeholders is vital to achieving market-wide economic gains.


Cultivate Shared Value

ASI is expert in conducting market system assessments and facilitating investments that are socially responsible and profitable. We analyze the entire market system to determine the factors inhibiting productivity. Our work helps clients identify and execute investment and growth strategies that create value for their bottom line as well as for the smallholder producers with whom they work. We partner with the private sector to align their business interests with sustainability goals to achieve shared value, making a profit while doing good.


Commercialize New Ways of Doing Business

We pilot new agronomic technologies, program design tools, research methodologies, and business models to test for proof of concept. Once proven, we scale up the models to achieve commercial success and reach more people. Whether it is developing new and locally made grain dryers to stem the rise of aflatoxin in maize, piloting mobile payments to rural rice farmers, or commercializing the poultry sector for women entrepreneurs, we pave the way for new models of doing business.




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