October 15, 2014


Sunhara Project Featured in 2014 Global Agricultural Productivity Report®

The (GHI) released the (GAP Report®) today as part of the in Des Moines, Iowa.


The GAP Report® monitors progress toward the goal of sustainably doubling agricultural output over the next 40 years. This year’s report also includes productivity and dietary change analysis from India, which highlights the need to improve agricultural value chains.

As part of its value chain analysis, the GAP Report® features . The project demonstrated the importance of helping farmers improve their production and post-harvesting practices and providing them with essential linkages with buyers and local markets. As a result of the project's support, farmers’ incomes increased by 87 percent and hundreds of cooperatives were formed, which in turn strengthened farmers’ access to resources.

The Sunhara project paid particular focus to female farmers with targeted gender trainings for extension agents. Women who participated in the project gained greater mobility as well as improved decision-making power within the household and over their incomes.

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