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About Agribusiness Systems International (ASI)

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Agribusiness Systems International (ASI), an affiliate of ACDI/VOCA, is a nonprofit consulting firm that confronts today’s global challenges by aligning business interests with those of smallholder producers. ASI has a local presence that our clients trust to make it happen. We are a team of agribusiness experts who know how to achieve systemic changes and sustainable results.

Created in 1993, ASI draws on ACDI/VOCA’s experience conducting market systems analysis and driving agribusiness development that equips people to build healthy families, resilient communities, and flourishing societies. Through our on-the-ground knowledge and strong networks, we build reliable, efficient supply chains that enable companies to sustainably source their agricultural products to bring profit to shareholders and enterprising producers.

Our approach recognizes the potential for real change when we bridge the divide between stakeholders. For more than 20 years, we have developed local, tailored solutions rooted in creating business value for our clients and expanding economic opportunities for smallholder farmers.


What ASI Believes


There is significant untapped potential for growth among smallholder producers and agribusinesses.

Businesses can profit while contributing to the greater good and sustainably solving today’s pressing development challenges.

Lasting, inclusive transformation is realized through practical, mutually beneficial business solutions.

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