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Zambia Women’s Improved Marketing and Asset Control Project (WIMAC)


Project Description
The 21-month Walmart Foundation-funded Women’s Improved Marketing and Asset Control Project (WIMAC) builds on the success of the USAID-funded Production, Finance, and Improved Technology Plus (PROFIT+) project, implemented by ASI’s parent organization ACDI/VOCA. The WIMAC project will facilitate improved livelihoods for 45,000 farmers (50 percent of whom are women) through capacity building support to member-based organizations, improved production and post-harvest practices, women’s empowerment and facilitation of market linkages between buyers and supplier’s service providers. WIMAC will complement and expand on ongoing PROFIT+’s initiatives to facilitate inclusive access to markets for smallholder farmers in Eastern Province (EP) and peri-urban Lusaka, targeting groundnut and soybean value chains.


Project Approach
WIMAC engages stakeholders at both ends of the value chain—from production to end market buyers. The project creates opportunities for both women and men through identifying positive trends within market systems that have the potential to increase benefits, such as higher returns, a guaranteed market, and on-time payment, for groups of smallholder farmers.


WIMAC will engage the principal value chain actors in improving deficiencies in the operations of the market system, while simultaneously impacting the social structure and norms of the local communities through training of both women and men. Improving information flows, fostering ”win-win” commercial relationships, and facilitating upgrading among local value chain stakeholders with a specific focus on women are all contingent upon the project taking a facilitation approach that allows local actors to define success.


The project will use a cascade training model, where small groups of beneficiaries are trained and then train other group members. This model is flexible, leads to empowerment, and is highly scalable, building capacity of a large group of people in a cost-effective manner.

Impact and Accomplishments
The program will empower 45,000 farmers, at least 50 percent of whom will be women, by providing them with the knowledge, tools, and resources to seize market opportunities, increase their incomes, and establish themselves as valued leaders of the agricultural community and respected decision makers of the household. The program will achieve this through four interlinked components:

  • Enhanced capacity of farmer organizations to meet member needs
  • Improved production and post-harvest practices
  • Women’s empowerment and leadership
  • Market linkages between buyers, suppliers, and supporting service providers

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